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January-February 2007

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Business Name (Page)Business Name (Page)Business Name (Page)
All Kauai Real Estate (77)

Aloha Sterling Properties (76)

American Home Mortgage (60)

Beach & Bluff Realty (78)

Blue Dolphin Charters (5)

Blue Hawaii Properties (64)

Central Pacific Home Loans (77)

Century 21 All Islands (45)
Kim D. Sain-Brady
Century 21 All Islands (46-47)
Matt Beall
Century 21 All Islands (48)
Robert A. Melnikoff
Century 21 All Islands (49)
Donna Rice, Tom Rice
Century 21 All Islands (50)
Kacy Chatfield
Century 21 All Islands (51)
AnnMarie Hamilton
Century 21 All Islands (51)
Ruthie Schultz
Century 21 All Islands (52)
Nancy & Louis Dubuque
Century 21 All Islands (53)
F. Lee Morey
Century 21 All Islands (54-55)

Century 21 All Islands (79)
Kelly Condon
Century 21 All Islands (79)
Don & Sylvia Leutz
Charlee & Associates Realtors (56)

Coral Isles (20)
Kauai Made
Debi Joy (33)

Garden Island Properties (60)

Grantham Resorts (80)

Hanalei North Shore Properties (58-59)

Hawaii Buyers Broker (Inside Cover-1)

Hawaiian Honu by Juny (20)
Kauai Made
Hawaiian Woody's (20)
Kauai Made
Holo Holo Charters (2-3)

Home123 (74)

IPX1031 Exchange (76)

Island Helicopters (25)

Island Hemp & Cotton Co. (15)

Island Pacific Mortgage (79)

Island Pacific Properties (38-39)

Island Pacific Properties (66)
Joanie Steiner
Jodi Elizabeth Matsumoto (65)

Kalanipuu Condominiums (35)

Kaiulani of Princeville (69)

Kauai ATV Tours (22)

Kauai Landmark Realty (36)

Kauai Made Products (20)

Kauai Mortgage Company (75)

Kauai Realty (40-41)

Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate (80)

Kayak Wailua (14)

Kilohana Clothing Co (20)
Kauai Made
Kilohana Clothing Co. (21)

Koa Properties (62)

Makana Aloha Photography (20)
Kauai Made
Makana Aloha Photography (25)

Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club (Back Cover)

Mike Harismendy (78)

The Mortgage House (72)

Na Pali Properties (75)
Rosalie Gordon
Na Pali Riders (31)

Old Koloa Town (19)

Pacific Ocean Properties (42-43)
Peter Sirois
Pacific Ocean Properties (44)

The Point at Poipu (IBC)

Poipu Aina Estates (57)

Polynesia Cafe (24)

Prosser Realty (73)

R&R Realty & Rentals (72)

RE/MAX Kauai (68)
Jim Pycha
RE/MAX Kauai (80)
Elaine Schaefer
Risa's Rainbow (20)
Kauai Made
The Ritz-Carlton (37)

Robinson Family Adventures (19)

Royal Palms (7)

Safari Helicopters (25)

Sleeping Giant Realty (70-71)

Summers Realty (34)

The Three P's (15)

Turtle Cove Realty (66)

Wailua River Rim Lot (56)

Waioli Properties (67)

Waioli Properties (56)
Gary Hooser
Will Squyres Helicopter Tours (13)

Window Trends (14)

Winters Realty (61)

Vision Realty (56)
Tore Wistrom
Vision Realty (74)
CJ Halladay
Business Name (Page)Business Name (Page)Business Name (Page)
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