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May - June 2009

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Business Name (Page)Business Name (Page)Business Name (Page)
Aloha Kauai Properties (31)

Alohana Weddings (16) (30)

Blue Dolphin Charters (9)

Catamaran Kahanu (13)

Central Pacific Home Loans (39)

Century 21-All Islands (16)
Diana Gardener
Cheap Tours Hawaii (5)

Garden Island Rentals (40)

Holo Holo Charters (7)

Island Helicopters (15)

Island Pacific Properties (36)
Joanie Steiner
Jack Harter Helicopters (19)

Kauai Community College (18)

Kauai Made Program (41)

Kauai Realty (29)

Kauai Sea Tours (1)

Kauai Sunshine Properties (28)

Kauai Vacation Rentals (39)

Kayak Wailua (23)

Kiahuna Golf /Joe's on Green (12)

Makana Aloha Photography (24)
Kerry Oda
Mike Harrismendy (30)
Real Estate Broker
Na Pali Riders (11)

Pacific Ocean Properties (37)

Parrish Collection (38)

Prince Golf Course (24)

Prudential - All Star Realty (33)
Robb Wall
Safari Helicopters (17)

Smith's Tropical Paradise (6)

Sotheby's/Sleeping Giant Realty (27)

Turtle Cove Realty (35)

Verde Restaurant (3)

Business Name (Page)Business Name (Page)Business Name (Page)
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